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JIP Launch: Inspection Training using a Robotic Cell

Webinars 17 November 2022

Joint Industry Project Launch: Online Practical Inspection Training and Supervision using a Robotic Cell (RoboCell)

Competency in practical work with high skill content, such as non-destructive testing (NDT), requires that personnel are able to gain experience through access to real world facilities and samples. NDT provides data to assure safety and performance of critical assets across many sectors.

It is critical that NDT personnel are both qualified and competent.

TWI is proposing to create internet-enabled, remote capability for accredited practical NDE training, with industrial oversight. The challenges described apply to a wide array of practical skills development and, whilst TWI are using NDT as an early proxy, it is anticipated that the learning outcomes can and will be applied to a wide range of situations.

The proposal is to undertake a Phase 1 assessment of an existing TWI prototype system for online access to physical facilities to allow training candidates to learn, demonstrate ability and be supervised remotely by skilled personnel. The prototype uses remote access software, a digital twin and robotics to enable practical NDT training over the internet.

This project will demonstrate training with remote access to physical setups, which is a step change to current practices but has many benefits for future application. A critical aspect to realising the benefits is gaining industry acceptance and approval by certification bodies, which is the focus of this project.  

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